About Us


The Cedar Valley Association for Soft Trails (CVAST) is a state of Iowa not for profit dedicated to soft trails located in the Cedar Valley. Our goal is to promote, maintain, and create sustainable soft trails in the area for users of all types and abilities.


CVAST was unofficially born at the 2008 Peregrine Charities Triathlon when Lori E, with George Wyth State Park, Anne D, with Blackhawk County, and Brent J, with Bike Tech, talked about making soft trails in the Cedar Valley. A year and a half later CVAST was an insured legal entity that was ready to get to work in the dirt.


Since that time we have established land management agreements with Iowa DNR and Blackhawk County. With an existing network of 'deer trails' we have begun to systematically link areas together while modifying and adding trail to eliminate user conflicts and increase the overall enjoyment of the soft trail system.


Now that you know a little about us, we'd like to meet you. Join us today!